MegaSeg DJ

MegaSeg DJ

Have a rock solid performance with this streamlined yet powerful system for live mixing! Build playlists with ease and visually sync waveforms with multitouch gestures. Play and preview tracks via AirPlay, Bluetooth headphones, or USB audio interfaces. Enjoy fast and elegant access to your iTunes music library, and more.

     “A well‐designed, stable application that has flourished with maturity.” —MacUser

     “The features make this software sing ...a great buy.” —MacDirectory

    “It’s undoubtedly the best system I have worked with.” —Darren Cave

     “MegaSeg’s interface is well thought out, direct and elegant.” —Charlie Wilson

     “It’s beautiful, intuitive, and a joy to use.” —Kevin Causey

     “MegaSeg breaks the mold on what a DJ program should be.” —W. Guy Finley

Mix It Up
• Visually sync waveforms in real‐time
• Use multi‐touch trackpad gestures for scrub, pitch shift and sync
• Control the flow with a simple dual‐deck layout
• Calculate precise BPM matches between tracks
• Adjust tempo +/- 100% with pitch lock (time‐stretch)
• Save multiple memory cue positions per track
• Kick back with automatic Smart Segues
• One click “on‐the‐fly” mixing

Library & Playlist Teamwork
• Scan and manage your iTunes Playlists
• Enjoy a large view of your library and playlists side by side
• Perform lightning fast searches and category browsing
• View play history logs and auto‐saved playlists
• Display large album artwork on each deck
• Customize list format, size, and colors

In Your Ears
• Preview and cue songs in your headphones without missing a beat
• Works with wireless AirPlay and Bluetooth devices
• Use multiple USB or FireWire audio outputs
• Keep consistent levels with Automatic Volume Control
• Get connected to any MIDI controller

Rock Steady
• Designed exclusively for Mac with superior stability
• Perform with confidence using intuitive features

What's New

• Support for macOS Mojave
• Updated MIDI Presets
• Improved GPU usage on 15" MacBook Pro
• Various tweaks and fixes

Other Recent Milestones:

• Supports FLAC files
• Supports Retina displays
• Supports Spaces
• Supports Core Audio waveforms
• Improved smart-trimmed segues
• Improved playlist browser
• Improved search and sorting
• Improved BPM tapping


January 30, 2019 | Three for the Road (1987) | Free Music Pro