NeoCal Advanced Calculator

NeoCal Advanced Calculator

NeoCal is an advanced, award-winning calculator designed to work just like a real calculator, only better. The intuitive keyboard design provides efficient access to over 230 financial, statistical, scientific, programmer, conversion, and date and time functions without having to access menus or lists of functions. The large 12-digit display includes thousands separators and shows labels for calculated and stored results. Backspace, Undo, and Redo make correcting mistakes simple.

NeoCal is highly customizable to work the way you do. Use the Precedence option to reduce entering parentheses or enable RPN for more efficiency. Configure up to four display lines to provide context and recall previous results. Choose your own theme to match your style and improve readability.

NeoCal is a mature and trusted product that has been on the market for seventeen years. It has been continually enhanced by suggestions from the user community, making it an even more effective and user-friendly tool. An extensive user guide containing many examples is included within the app and available to download.

• Scientific: trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic functions; degrees/radians conversions; time and angle conversions; physical constants

• Statistical: two variable statistical analysis including mean, weighted mean, standard deviation; linear regression forecasting, correlation coefficient; probability calculations

• Financial: time value of money, amortization; discounted cash flow analysis for internal rate of return and net present value; interest conversion between nominal and effective rates; margin and markup calculations

• Date and Time: date arithmetic; duration arithmetic and conversions including frames for digital video editing; moment conversions

• Programmer: base number conversions between binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal; 32-bit, 16-bit, and 8-bit signed and unsigned integer math calculations and conversions; logical and bit-manipulation operations

• Conversion: length, area, volume, speed, weight, temperature; unit arithmetic

• UI designed specifically for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
• Efficient keyboard layouts for all screen sizes and orientations
• Multitasking support including Slide Over, Split View, and Drag and Drop
• Unique Dynamic Keyboard technology
• External keyboard support
• Over a dozen themes
• 12-digit display with thousands separators
• Display of fractions and mixed numbers
• Labeled results for clarity
• Optional RPN input method
• Selectable RPN stack size
• Up to four display lines
• 20 or 100 user registers
• Multi-level Undo/Redo
• Macro record and playback
• Extensive user guide

What's New

• Modified Show All to display all digits for floating point numbers when using integer base modes
• Added setting to disable keyboard page scrolling
• Rearranged Basic Plus keys
• Renamed mod key as rem
• Renamed Basic Lite layout as Lite Basic
• Added Rainbow theme
• Fixed keyboard response with long press enabled
• Added support for external keyboards
• Updated for 2018 iPhones and iPad Pros


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