Twitter Labs unlocks a range hidden settings from within the app that you typically couldn’t access on a stock device.

Here, you can:

Chronological Timeline
Movable Floating Tweet Button
Disable Floating Tweet Button
Docked Tweet Button
Nested Tweet Button
Colapse Bio
Profile Sheets
Dash Highlights
Disable Cancel Button
News Tabs
Collapse Navigation Bars
Twitter Drafts Sheet
Unfollow Faster
Drag & Drop
Automatic Night mode
News Camera
Interests Tab
Image Alt Text Badge
Suggests Modules
Emoji Counting
Direct Message Modular Inbox
Performance Experiments
More coming soon

What's New

Twitter Labs update changelog


* See what platform people tweet from (Added)


* Dominant Colour Cards (Added)

* Redesigned settings (Redesigned to make it easier)

* Dash News (Added)

* Dash Friends (Added)

* Removed some unwanted options

* More coming soon


* Added ability to Download Videos


* View blocked profiles

* Integrated TapticTwitter into twitter labs


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