MARVEL Contest of Champions HACK

MARVEL Contest of Champions HACK

IMPORTANT — Read this first before you use the hack!

The Crack process is now handled automatically which means, the process is GUARANTEED to work. 

ViPCracker V1 is now discontinued, and only ViPCracker V2 will be used (as V1 could fail, V2 can't).


This hack is originally made by iOSGods, but only for ViP Users. I (StarBlayze) Cracked it so, you no longer need to login, it’s completely free. (If u like the hack, consider to buy it from iOSGods ViP) (I have personally been a ViP user on iOSGods for over a year, and it’s good!) 

– Cracked with ViPCracker v2 by StarBlayze.



- Enemy Doesn't Move or Attack

What's New

Hack Features
- Enemy Doesn't Move or Attack

Hack made free for all users.

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