That is a 1:1 Clone of the legendary iMusic/iTube App for the newest iOS Versions. It is also optimized for the iPhone X Screen.

If you already run a older iTube Application, please follow that Tutorial to restore your Playlist:


  1. In the old iTube App go to the Playlists Tab and click on "Edit" in the upper left Corner.
  2. Press Backup and click Backup again
  3. Now E-Mail the Backup File to yourself. Just use your own E-Mail as Receiver.
  4. Open the Mail you just sent to yourself and click on the "backup.itube" File.
  5. Click the Button in the upper right corner and click "Copy to iMusic" (Select the newly installed iMusic App)
  6. In the last Step, the new iMusic App will launch and ask you, if you like to import Playlists from File. Click on "Yes".
  7. All your old Playlists should now be transfered to the new iMusic App. 
  8. Enjoy <3

What's New

Version 1.1

Bug Fixes

iPhone X Optimized


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