If you wish for something really hard, Lariat the Witch might appear and offer to make your wish come true if you win a game of trivia, but if you lose, something bad might happen instead. How many lives will your ignorance ruin?


· 25+ diverse characters
· 50+ branching storylines
· 1000+ engaging questions for the modern geek
· 4 question categories with customizable frequency of appearance
· A character dying a horrible death because you don't watch enough anime
· Full support for English and Spanish languages
· Under 150 MB!

“Very cute, very endearing. I've nothing but positive things to say about the game.”
Rabbit Plays Games

“I loved every part of it. I absolutely recommend this game.”
Oober Noob

What's New

- Updated to Unity 2017.4.14f1 (from 2017.4.7f1).
- Fixed bug that didn't let you apply changes on mobile from the mid-game settings menu.
- Added 8 new questions.
- Corrected some minor mistakes.


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