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Postico is a modern database app for your Mac.

Postico is the perfect tool for data entry, analytics, and application development.

- connect to
- connect to PostgreSQL version 8, 9, 10 and 11 servers
- connect to cloud services like Heroku Postgres, Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS
- connect to other RDBMs that use the PostgreSQL protocol, like CockroachDB or Greenplum

Postico is the perfect app for managing your data. It has great tools for data entry. Filter rows that contain a search term, or set up advanced filters with multiple conditions. Quickly view rows from related tables, and save time by editing multiple rows at once.

For analytics workloads, Postico has a powerful query editor with syntax highlighting and many advanced text editing features. Execute multiple queries at once, or execute them one at a time and export results quickly.

For application developers, Postico offers a full featured table designer. Add, rename and remove columns, set default values, and add column constraints (NOT NULL, UNIQUE, CHECK constraints, foreign keys etc.). Document your database by adding comments to every table, view, column, and constraint.

But the best part of Postico is how well it works. Postico is made on a Mac for a Mac. It works great with all your other Mac apps. Use all the usual keyboard shortcuts. Postico gets the basic things like copy/paste just right, and also supports more advanced features like services for text editing.

What's New

- Fixed a bug where the DDL generated for views contained double semicolons
- Report correct line number when an error occurs during CSV Import
- Fixed a bug where Postico crashed when trying to import a file that you don't have permissions for
- Added a workaround to make sure MS office file types in bytea fields are correctly identified on macOS 10.14
- Fixed a bug where the Postico structure editor shows pending SQL changes (empty) after clicking an index attribute
- Fixed a bug where autocomplete did not work with the latest cockroach version v2.0.5.
- Fixed a crash when an error message was not valid UTF-8
- Improved error messages when authenticating to the SSH server fails.
- Fixed display bugs on macOS 10.14.
- Fixed a bug where Postico froze when autocomplete was triggered for a database with many tables or schemas.
- Fixed a bug where Postico ran into a memory leak when exporting large tables as CSV
- Postico now restores the height of the favorites window correctly
- Improved compatibility with CockroachDB