View trends of all kinds using comparative geography. Perfect for students, travelers, and knowledge seekers alike

Educate- fast & intuitive geo-analytics
Explore- random trend spotting
Plan- tourist arrivals, prices & crime
Recall- trivia tests your world knowledge
Recover- EPA temperature & population data

• Over 25 comparison datasets
• Detailed info with MLA/APA citations
• Global surface temperature (°C/°F)
• Random comparisons & trivia
• Always up-to-date information
• Continental/world population growth
• Two themes or generate your own

Analytics Catalog
• Total Population
• Healthcare Costs
• Public Education Expenditure
• Unemployment Rate
• Pupil-Teacher Ratio
• Electricity Consumption
• Fossil Fuel Dependency
• Protected Forest Area
• Internet Users
• Registered Vehicles
• Gas Price (USD)
• Immunization Rate
• Mortality Rate
• Life Expectancy
• Adolescent Pregnancy
• Tourism Arrivals
• Military Expenditure
• Armed Forces Personnel
• Control of Corruption
• Citizen Voice in Government
• Citizen Abidance/Trust
• Business Failure Index
• Weapons Exports
• High-Tech Exports
• Money Supply Ratio
• GDP Percentage

About GeoTrend
GeoTrend hit the top-5 education apps for over 15 countries in 2017. We’re always happy to answer questions, feedback and fill feature requests. Thanks to all of our beta testers & users; your input keeps this project alive. More coming soon!

Additional info
Sourced from World Bank datasets and others from premium sources. Includes available data for all countries 1880-2017. Please note that some countries did not record statistical data for certain metrics and may not be available. (Taiwan is not included due to lack of records)

-Luke Switzer & The Root Down Team

What's New

v3.6 is a supplemental update bringing layout support and more. Read below for a full list of what's new under the hood:

New & Addressed
• Display not moving up on first selection
• Year alignment for flagship devices
• Layouts optimized for all screens
• Stability improvements & minor tweaks
• Extraneous temperature decimal places
• Clean code, reduce app size

Version 3.5 focuses on improved speed with some major tweaks. No generic update message here, read below for a full list of changes:
User Requests Filled
[+] Dark background on launch image
[+] Random theme changed on tap
[+] Add game checkpoints at 5 & 10
[+] Activate country input w/spinner
[+] Temperature stay visible after touch
[+] Show server refresh time in details
[+] Add a back button to game launch
[+] More random theme colors

Issues Addressed
• Flags display wrong size ratios
• Citations being created more than once
• Info only using first country names
• Info not appearing / working as expected
• Rare prefix & suffix mislabeling
• Not graphing when backup available
• Odd behavior if country data absent
• Long loading spinner times in game
• Pickers not using the entire screen
• Status bar not changed with theme
• Game year displaying ‘null’ on first load
• Prevent cycling comparisons too quick
• Crash when dismissing no-network alert
• A data error displaying behind graphs
• Third-party misplaced text on load
• Year landscape orientation bug
• Temperature slider missing degrees
• Minor menu layout bugs

New & Improved
• Updated GDP & energy info for 2018
• Intelligent network connectivity alerts
• Minimize dynamic year scaling (always exact)
• Buttons for white background more visible
• Font changes for better readability
• Smaller graph stroke for a cleaner look
• Flagship device layout & iOS 11/12 optimized

Under the hood
• Improved loading & drawing speed
• More efficient calls-per-second
• All-around memory improvements
• TLS 1.2 encryption requirement
• Reduce app resources & dependencies


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