• 25+ comparison methods
• True surface temperature (°C/°F)
• Themes & random palate generator
• Random comparisons & trivia
• New data without app updates
• Continental/world population growth
• Detailed info with MLA/APA citations

Educate - Fun & intuitive geo-facts
Explore - Random trend spotting
Plan - Tourist arrivals, price & safety
Recall - Trivia puts you to the test

Analytics List
• Total Population
• Healthcare Costs
• Public Education Expenditure
• Unemployment Rate
• Pupil-Teacher Ratio
• Electricity Consumption
• Fossil Fuel Dependency
• Protected Forest Area
• Internet Users
• Registered Vehicles
• Gas Price (USD)
• Immunization Rate
• Mortality Rate
• Life Expectancy
• Adolescent Pregnancy
• Tourism Arrivals
• Military Expenditure
• Armed Forces Personnel
• Control of Corruption
• Citizen Voice in Government
• Citizen Abidance/Trust
• Business Failure Index
• Weapons Exports
• High-Tech Exports
• Money Supply Ratio
• GDP Percentage

GeoTrend hit the top-5 education apps for over 15 countries in 2017. We’re always happy to answer questions, feedback and fill feature requests. Thanks to all of our beta testers & users; your input keeps this project alive. More coming soon!

Additional Info
Sourced from World Bank datasets and others from premium sources. Includes available data for all countries 1880-2017. Please note that some countries did not record statistical data for certain metrics and may not be available. (Taiwan is not included due to lack of records)

What's New

- Trivia value display fixed
- App sized further reduced

Privacy changes v3.7+

[-] Remove Crashlytics framework

Privacy is paramount: Our use of the tool Crashlytics was an anonymous way to monitor for issues inside the app. Beginning early 2019, Crashlytics will be pushing users to the Google Firebase platform.

We respect your privacy, and disagree with the fine print of the Google tool; thus all above crash reporting has been removed.

We rely on users for suggestions and feedback to keep GeoTrend as useful as possible; thanks for all your help through the years. Any review is helpful, and it's made the app what it is today.


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